Course Description

Becoming a Family of Passion & Purpose for Small Groups is a video learning experience of our full Family ID Workshop.  

The powerful Family ID workshop is one tool we use to help families put in writing their mission, vision, and core values. Through this workshop, we begin to equip families on how to promote intentional culture inside their own homes.  All family members, including children who can read and write, are encouraged to participate in this digital workshop.

This curriculum is designed to be used by small groups or a small group facilitator to lead families through Family ID.  This can be completed through a single event, or over the course of several sessions.  Included in this curriculum are all the videos, digital copies of the Family ID Workbook, and everything a leader will need whether they have completed Family ID themselves, or not. 

Founder & CEO

Greg Gunn

Greg Gunn is the founder of Family Vision Ministries and the author of Family ID – Intentional Direction.  Family ID began as a class in Greg's local church in 1997. It has now expanded into a worldwide movement, leading families towards intentional direction. Greg has taught all over the United States and in countries around the world, sharing the message of intentional purpose and passion for this generation and generations to come. You can learn more at

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Becoming a Family of Purpose and Passion - Introduction & Resources

    • What is Family ID?

    • Horne Testimonial Video

    • DePasquale Testimonial Video

    • Facilitator's Guide Workbook

    • Becoming a Family of Purpose and Passion - Participant Workshop Manual

  • 2

    Family ID Session 1

    • Session 1 Worksheet

    • Family ID Session 1 - The Power of Vision

  • 3

    Family ID Session 2

    • Session 2 Worksheet

    • Family ID Session 2 - Uncovering Your Family's Core Values

  • 4

    Family ID Session 3

    • Session 3 Worksheet

    • Family ID Session 3 - Becoming an Interdependent Family

  • 5

    Family ID Session 4

    • Session 4 Worksheet

    • Family ID: Statements of Mission

    • Family ID Session 4 - Writing Your Family Mission Statement

  • 6

    Family ID Session 5

    • Session 5 Worksheet

    • Family ID Session 5 - The Rechabite Family

  • 7

    Family ID Session 6

    • Session 6 Worksheet

    • Family ID: 30 Vision Statements

    • Family ID Session 6 - Developing Your Family Vision Statement & Family ID

  • 8

    Family ID Session 7

    • Session 7 Worksheet

    • Family Declaration of Interdependence

    • Family ID Session 7 - Congratulations